Friday, May 12, 2017

Just in Time

I think it is true, the closer an event is to home, the slower you are to go and see it.
I finally got to Hatch today to see Turbulence. It is by local artists, centred around the idea of water conservation and environmental awareness.

There was a LOT of plastic there. The message was clearly about all the plastic we use, the 'stuff' we buy and then just throw away, and the damage this does to the waterways.

It was great to see the two murals done at the KidsArtyFartyFest earlier this year. It seemed to be a very locally based exhibition.

One of the special bits was seeing some of the art works about the local animals and birds, and how they relate to the brochure you can get about the indigenous wildlife in Banyule.

It closes tomorrow, so I had to make a special effort to get there, well worth the effort though.

Congratulations to all the artists.

There were some interesting workshops around the exhibition also but, having left my visit till the second last day, I have missed out on them.

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