Sunday, January 8, 2017

Inspired by Art

My machine embroidery group has come up with the idea of doing a small piece each month, based on a famous artist.
January is based on John Olsen. I saw his exhibition, The You Beaut Country, recently and really enjoyed it.
I have come to my artistic life rather late, so don't know many famous artists. This year should be a great learning time.

I found an image I liked as my inspiration.
I didn't want to copy it, just be inspired. But it is hard to not copy! It inspires because I like it.

I have used some techniques from recent workshops.
I started with a small piece of silk that I dyed a while ago, using oxalis flowers. The whole work is only going to be A5, half of a piece of paper. So not a lot of fabric was required.

I ironed it onto a piece of fusible interfacing.

Then I used some small bits of Vliesofix that I had kept, left over from previous works. I teased out a layer of a silk hankie and ironed that to the Vliesofix.

Next I teased out some pieces of raw, dyed silk I have.
(I decided to only use things I already had, no purchasing at all - not a problem on a hot day when I didn't want to go out anyway.)

I used the very thick wadding that I bought recently, after a workshop.

I also used some thrums from my weaving and some novelty yarns I have had for years. (I only ever use tiny bits of yarn in my sewing, so it will last for many more years I think.)

It all came together rather well. I think it was because it was so hot and I just decided I needed to be doing something to take my mind off the heat. It is also rather small and not getting it right would not be a disaster - quite a good way to be trying things out, really. 


mycamerandme365 said...

Hi Mary, what a good idea to use up what you already have. Our group did that exercise a few years ago, we worked small pieces too and the artists that we used were chosen by each person in the group of 7. We had Graeme Base, James Gleeson, J M W Turner, Degas, Klimt, Criss Canning & Leonard French, a mixture of old and modern. Enjoy your challenge!

Mary said...

We are starting with two Australian artists but then will branch out. I am trying to come to terms with Hans Heysen, lots of gum trees!
I am going to try to do something that is not as obviously derived from his work, that is more 'inspired' by his works.

mycamerandme365 said...

I'll be interested to see your 'inspiration'!