Saturday, January 7, 2017

Have to post today!

Today's date is great - 7/1/17 (7117)
It is hot today, I have left my tapestry out in the heat. Someone suggested that I might singe it with flame but I think the sun is plenty hot enough and can carry the element of fire for me.
I have taken it out of the earth for the time being, am just letting it bake in the sun. I might try putting some leaves or other big thing that might work as a stencil/resist and see if that has any effect. I doubt it but I will try it anyway.
I am about to go out and hang the washing, the first things will probably be dry by the time I hang it all out. Ah, Summer!

Even the flowers are getting burnt.

The hollyhocks are throwing heaps of flowers down onto the ground and I am valiantly collecting them. Now I just have to think about what I want to do with them, and when.
At least I have discovered that the dried up flowers do produce colour, so I don't have to race out first thing every morning to get them before the sun gets to them.

But first I have to get over the heat and find some energy.


Anonymous said...

That all sounds very interesting Mary. I do look forward to seeing your treated tapestry, February maybe ? These hotter days are certainly going to bake it well and truly. It might even benefit from some rain to follow. Keep cool! Pat

Mary said...

Actually, it is currently in a wheelbarrow that filled up with water in the heavy downpour we had a few days ago. It is at the stage where I forget about it, so I should go and look now I suppose. The back is currently more interesting than the back. Not a lot of change though, it is just looking rather dirty. Still, there is still a month to go. Who knows what will befall it?

Mary said...

Of course, I meant that the back is currently more interesting than the front!