Thursday, July 2, 2015

What a difference a frame makes!

I had done a piece of free motion embroidery that I decided didn't suit my purpose. It was not terrible, it just didn't fit with the other work I had intended it to sit with.

I took it to class last time and there were some ideas thrown around (why I love going to classes), relating to making it 3Dish.  I haven't followed up on these, I had an interesting accident happen that meant I could use the original work as is.

I had some frames ready for a different embroidery and happened to lay down one on the embroidery that I wasn't totally happy with - lo and behold, it made it look much better. So, of course, I played around with how to align it.

I cut the larger piece in two and it made two embroideries.

Another embroidery that I was playing around with turned out to be too big for the frame I had in mind. So I had put it aside. I then decided to see how an even smaller frame would look, hiding some of the edges of the work. I like it!

So now it is framed and ready to go.


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Thanks, it was rather surprising, how it just made some sections look so much better.