Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lovely, useful chairs

We have had a pair of prayer chairs ever since I can remember.
In our recent cleaning up it was suggested that we get rid of them - my reaction was instantaneous - NO.

They have a beautiful design - I keep getting mixed up between Art Nouveau and Art Deco but it is one of those.

As I was sitting watching tv recently, not something I do a lot of, I noticed some gorgeous shadows being thrown by the chair.  I have tried to take a photo but it was hard as I needed the darkened room and the shadows. So here is a rather poor photo.

Recently, I have taken up knitting, after decades of not doing any. One of the things I have noticed about the change from earlier days is how often you have to buy skeins, rather than balls, of wool (and how expensive wool is these days!!). I am really bad at pulling skeins apart. I even borrowed a wool winding machine once but my friend banned me from using it again as I kept changing direction while I was doing it. I am really, really bad at it.

However, I have discovered that not only are the chairs beautiful, they are useful. The backs widen as they get closer to the seat, so they are perfect for putting the wool around them so that it doesn't slide down as I unwind the skeins to make balls of wool.

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