Friday, May 15, 2015

Two exhibitions in a week!

I had to post today, the date is 15/5/15, not to be missed.

So …

This week has been relatively busy in terms of exhibitions. I visited Unfolding: New Indian Textiles  at the RMIT gallery in the city.
Although it was a relatively small exhibition, it was well worth the trip.  There was a room full of beautiful (bright!) saris of seemingly enormous lengths.  The information mentioned the use of colour, pattern and texture in Indian textiles and how these elements are still strong in textile production.

Pieces that I loved were done by a nomadic tribe. It makes me wonder how they manage, having to carry the equipment, and how they get sufficient lighting.

My favourites were the screen printed and then hand embroidered and beaded pieces. The colour was so intense - and evenly printed.  And the embroidery was amazing.

There were a multitude of interesting pieces.  I just took a few photos as sometimes taking photos stops you from looking.

There were other works too, I especially liked the dresses which had various techniques incorporated into their construction.

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theregatha said...

such beautiful works. Thank you for sharing. I so WANT one of those prints, but have contented myself with just drooling over your pics.