Sunday, May 10, 2015

Making myself do collage

As my last few efforts at collage have not been at all successful, I decided to just DO some today.  It didn't take long.
I got out the 6 pieces I had done recently, cut them randomly and then pasted them back together.

I decided to just cut and paste.  At first I omitted two pieces of cut-up bits and it was ok. I actually thought I had only left out one piece and didn't worry about it. But, as I was cleaning up, I found that there were two pieces. So I added them to the bottom.

Not a fabulous piece of art but something to think about. And I have learnt a method that could well come in useful when designing in the future.

And it was enjoyable to just do it for its own sake, not thinking that I would have any particular outcome.


theregatha said...

Your collage trails remind me of the wonderful time we had in art classes (rmit) where we used this medium in our life drawing. I wonder what would happen if you used this medium to replicate some of those gorgeous flower photos you sent me, or indeed pasted a picture of penny in the park? Happy pasting....

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I think I am reverting to some of those classes. I still have the life drawing collage somewhere, not knowing what to do with it but not wanting to throw it away.
Maybe I could do a flower collage that might translate into a tapestry. I really want to be doing one but have no interesting designs.

Mary said...
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Art Supplies said...

Nice work.I like to make flowers by collecting different kinds of pieces and in different colors. Your collage is really nice.