Friday, May 1, 2015

Learning about colour

I did some play with collage tonight, due to being unexpectedly asked to babysit a 4 year old girl.

I had some connector pens and she had a wonderful time clicking them together, matching colours, making a castle with the pens, etc.  We had lots of talk about colour. There are quite a few greens in the pack but only one red, one orange and one black. Lots of talk about colour, dark, light, bright, dull, yellowish, etc.

I also had some coloured tissue paper which became the roof of the castle but eventually was used to make a little collage - she is learning to use scissors (it is quite difficult to cut flimsy tissue paper in mid-air).
The castle, with roof, is at the far end of the table.  Most of the mess is mine!
To demonstrate and encourage her to just play (and to entertain myself while the castle was being made, and the colours paired) I did my own little collages. I had an exercise to do for our design class. I'm not sure I read the instructions properly, and I only had paper instead of fabric, but I took the time to just do something.  It wasn't totally mindless (heaven forbid) but it certainly didn't take a lot of deep thought.

As the two of us were talking about colours, I stayed with the primary colours (also influenced by that being the sort of paper I had easily available).

So now I have 6 little pieces - I have to work out what I could possibly do to develop them into a unit, as is the task.

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