Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost Trades exhibition

A little while ago, I visited a friend in Kyneton and we went along to the Lost Trades show. It was much bigger than last year's event!  Many more people and lots more stalls.

We saw some of the same stalls as last year
musical instrument making
but there were new artisans there also.
rope making

clay render making

stone cutting


more woodwork

car and wagon decorating 

penny farthing making

medal mounting

box and book making

There was lots more to see, this was just a sample of the various lost trades being demonstrated.
You could see scythes, fishing rods, spinning, weaving, millinery, etc.

One interesting stall had printmaking.  I took a card and found this very interesting video about how she has made a print of a kookaburra.  It sounds like an interesting project she is doing - making a Children's Bird Book. I will have to follow her on Facebook (tremble, I am not a Facebook person!) and see how it develops.

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