Thursday, March 19, 2015

Homework for design course - 'weaving'

Once again, I have returned to one of the activities I used to love doing with my school teaching. It was a fine motor skill activity, paper weaving.

I did a very rough one first, just to see if I remembered all the steps correctly. Not that there are many steps.
It was lucky I did though, as I had tried to do the two pieces of paper the same, by not cutting right through to the edges of the paper. That didn't work!  So I maintained one piece with intact edges and then cut the other piece into strips.

Then I chose two random bits of fabric that I had lying around.  I decided my day needed brightening up, so I chose loud ones.

I ironed on some fusible stabiliser first, then folded the orange piece and cut from the middle, doing random cuts - not trying to do straight lines at all.

Then I cut the strips from the purple piece, once again doing random, unplanned cuts. The two pieces of fabric were not exactly the same size. I had thought about cutting them the same before starting but decided that it wouldn't hurt to have some left over in case I thought of something clever to do with it.

So far, no clever ideas.  I suppose it could be used as a background for more work. I'd probably have to use more muted colours for a background - depending on what I wanted to do.

Actually, it reminds me a bit of some of the Zen Doodling and Zentangle stuff that I have been browsing (here and here) on the internet recently. (I have resumed doing a daily small one in the last few weeks and find myself colouring in alternate blocks, a bit like the colours above do.)

Our homework brief is to do some 'weaving' using fabric and to try to play around with the idea, not do anything textile predictable. I'm not sure this is all that different but it is the start of me giving it some thought.


mycamerandme365 said...

Is the piece big enough to be a panel of a purse or bag Mary? The contrasting colours are great!

Mary said...

Unfortunately, this piece is only about 20cm square, if that. But it might make a good panel on a bag. Food for thought.