Saturday, March 28, 2015

Doncaster Hill tapestries

We had our monthly meeting for our tapestry weaving group today. It was a smaller than usual gathering but still very interesting.
Cresside brought along the four tapestries she has recently completed as a community tapestry effort for Manningham Council.  It was done in conjunction with her exhibition.

It was great to see the four together. They were designed to be worked from the art gallery as you look out the windows, at the actual view. It is linked to Cresside's en plain air tapestry weaving technique and is beautiful.

At least one member of our group helped with the community tapestry but it was mainly people from Manningham who participated. Cresside said that some of the people had no experience at all with weaving but still did a good job with their contributions.
Congragulations Cresside.

She kindly allowed me to take some photos.
This is the four side by side. 

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