Thursday, November 13, 2014

Upper Yarra Valley outings

I have been to the Upper Yarra Valley a few times lately and have seen some interesting sights.
At Warburton there was a woven basket sitting on a fallen tree, right in the middle of the river. Lovely.

There were also many little families of ducks around. These ducklings were quite grown up but we had to stop on the road for some very little ones one day.

Then, on another day, we visited Mont de Lancey to see the wonderful exhibition by the Papermakers of Victoria, titled Mapping Common Ground.
There were quite a few papermakers represented in the exhibition and the range of techniques was interesting. The gallery space is wonderful.
So, too, it the restaurant!  Lovely lunch. Perfect day.
I especially enjoyed looking at the works and not thinking how I might adapt an idea, or use a technique. I have no intention of taking up paper making, so it was just a day to look and enjoy.

Mont de Lancey in an old house with a working smithy, which has classes for those interested. There is also a woodturning area that holds classes.
We met some men in the very large shed that houses restored (or partially restored) old engines. And there was a lovely Clydesdale horse there, getting ready for the festival being held there this coming weekend.

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