Saturday, November 1, 2014

Playing around with the sun dyed fabric

I was minding the shop at The Alcove yesterday and didn't have much with me in the way of things to do between customers. But I did have my iPad and some photos I had taken of the sun dyeing. I decided to have a play around with the Brushes app and see if I could come up with some ideas for sewing. They haven't turned out the same but they did give me some direction.  I rarely use the app and didn't feel the need to be too precise, I just played around with colours and lines.

Today I decided to have a go at making some ATCs (Artists Trading Cards), using my sun dyed fabric. We are currently having some rooms renovated and I have packed up my studio.
Where had I put all my bits and pieces???

I have made two ATCs, after lots of rummaging around in boxes, trying to find what I needed in piles of stuff and even going to the shop to buy some things that I KNOW I have but can't find in the mountains of boxes. Very frustrating.

However, I have come up with two samples. They are not particularly good but it has been an interesting exercise in finding what items I actually want to use, then getting them out and finding where to put them for the time being, so that they will be accessible but not in the way.

As I don't often do ATCs, there was some research needed on how to make them, then some decisions on how to adapt the ideas to what I could actually find to use.

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