Sunday, September 28, 2014

Still seeing lines, even when not trying to.

Yesterday was the Grand Final of the AFL and my team was playing. We were lucky enough to be able to queue for tickets on the morning, in case there were some seats left. So we got up early and caught the first train in!
It was very well organised, the queue stretched a long way but in sections. We waited patiently for the gates to open. A couple of hot air balloons floated past. It was all very peaceful. The morning was cool but once the sun came up it warmed up quite a bit.
I had taken my camera and took a few shots. Here is one of a balloon, the light tower and some of the top of the stadium.  The rising sun is shining on the clouds. The waiting was very pleasant, well organised and all the people were happy and chatty.

Yes!!!! We got in. We were in our seats by 8.30. The stadium was empty and looking pristine.

Go Hawks!!  I just couldn't resist putting this in, it isn't that often that your team gets to win two Grand Finals in a row.

All those lovely lines.  I'm still seeing lines all around the place.

Later in the day, with the pre-match entertainment and the stadium filling. Lovely shadows.

These pictures remind me of the silk rugs I saw in Turkey, they were woven in such a way that they seemed to change colour as you saw them from different directions, the light making the same fabric look very different.

The teams warming up, the stadium almost full. 99, 454 people in attendance. Beautiful weather, great result.

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