Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More dots and lines

Penny, sitting in the recently mown grass.
I seem to take photos that are similar from year to year. Not to worry, this time I was looking for lines and dots. So they may be similar (mostly because I walk the dog at the same parks) but I am looking at things for different reasons. But I am looking, which is good.
Today we went to Warringal Parklands, a lovely off-lead park where I can take my time while Penny has a lovely play around too.
I forgot to take the camera so the pictures are from my very minimal phone (not a smart phone or iPhone but it does the job, I can talk and text - and take photos). It makes it harder to get just the bit I am looking at, there is no zoom capability and I tend to get more information than I want. It makes me realise how selective we can be with our looking, able to ignore extraneous information.

Here are some of today's photos, that look a lot like other photos I have taken. I have cropped them a bit to hone in on the aspect I was looking at, and being inspired by, but that does make some of them pixelated. Not to worry, they are only for inspiration.

I can definitely see does and lines in these.
Actually, this was yesterday at Rosanna.
I was looking at the lines of the bark, how I might possibly draw it.
One of the things I have noticed as I have been doing my minimal amount of drawing, and sewing, is that I tend to do a lot of continuous line work, probably because of the free motion machine sewing, so I am attracted to images with lots of lines.

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