Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Changing Seasons again

Talking about posting about the same things year after year, I noticed the change from the footy to the cricket seasons today. (You might think we only have two seasons here, the football season and the cricket season!) We were at Chelsworth Park and one lot were practising their bowling and batting while others were kicking for goal.

I'm having my usual reaction to the onset of spring, tiredness!!  I don't seem to suffer from spring fever in the normal way, no mad burst of energy leading to cleaning up for me.

I did go to another of my design classes this weekend. I even did a bit of extra work at home. For one exercise, we used small squares of black paper and cut them up. Our cutting was based on basic geometric shapes, square, circle and triangle. We just had to cut the shapes up then rearrange them so that they still resembled the original shapes. 

Here are some examples of the basic cutting and playing with extending lines from the circles. I scanned the images and then played around with Photoshop to do the very simple drawing of lines.

One of the good things about this sort of work is that you are not aiming to produce anything in particular, you are just playing. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't - but it doesn't matter.

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