Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a time not to have the camera!

Well, my weekly posts haven't been happening. So here is a random lot of pictures.  It is all inspired by taking the dog for a walk late this afternoon.
We went to Warringal and the river flats had rising mist - or fog.  I'm not sure of the difference really. It was gorgeous.
The pictures aren't wonderful as I didn't take my camera and my old phone only takes simple, non-adjustable pictures. I couldn't resist trying to get the atmosphere anyway.

By the way, the greenery here seems to be a LOT of dandelions coming up.  I expect there will ample opportunity to dye fabric in the coming seasons. 

The best parts were on the footy ovals. One had obviously had a game played on it but I don't know if the players had had to contend with the limited visibility, we were a bit too late.
Another oval had a dad and his son practising, they emerged out of the gloom as we approached.

It was coming up to sunset and I got to see the colourful clouds, the moon and the mist - all at once. 

The unusual thing was that the mist didn't rise very far, the treetops stood out above the it.
Of course, it grew higher as it got later and colder. Not that it got very cold, it is still only autumn.

When I uploaded the photos from my phone, I discovered that I had several from past walks that I hadn't transferred to the computer. Here is a gorgeous pattern in the stump of a tree. I took it on another walk with the dog. Thank goodness we have her. She makes us go out and then we get to see the sights while she sniffs the smells. 


Michelle said...

They are still beautiful pictures!!

mycamerandme365 said...

The pattern on the tree trunk looks like some enormous slice of agate or something similar. Fascinating!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle. They could have been SO MUCH BETTER with a camera - or not. At least this way I tended to enjoy being in nature rather than clicking away too much - even though I did get a few pics.

Mary said...

Yes, now that you mention it, it does look like agate. I have lots of pictures of tree trunks, stumps, etc., mainly because of walking the dog.