Saturday, May 31, 2014

Buda Contemporary Textile Award and Exhibition 2014

Today was the opening of the Buda Contemporary Textile Award and Exhibition. A friend and I ventured up to Castlemaine for a lovely afternoon.
The exhibition was opened by Lesley Uren, who spoke passionately about embroidery and textile art.

It was well worth the visit. The works were quite diverse and all were interesting.

There were several works by students and we were encouraged to venture into town to see further school student work on display in participating shops. Unfortunately, we didn't have time today but I will be back there to sit in the gallery, so I hope to get to see them then.
Lucy Carroll, winner of the student award. 
It was great to see work by people I have met or whom I have come across through the internet. I felt like I knew some of the artists, even though I have never met them. The wonders of the modern age.

I was very pleased to see my two parasols beautifully displayed. Congratulations to the curator and her team.
The piece on the far left is by a person whose blog I follow.

The two little tapestries in the corner are by Joy Smith, my first tapestry teacher.


theregatha said...

congratulations Mary, the parasols are beautiful.

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I think they are bright and cheerful, if useless because I don't think they would actually block off the sun.

Buda Castlemaine said...

Great to read your comments about the exhibition, Mary, we're very excited about it as well, nice to get your feedback. Hope you enjoy sitting at the exhibition