Sunday, June 3, 2012

Winter or Deep Winter

As I said in my last post, it is supposedly the first few days of winter, according to the European calendar. But according to some researchers, it is really Deep Winter, using the Six Seasons Calendar.  I have heard of this a few times over recent times and it makes a lot of sense.
Quite a lot of the trees are flowering, the parrots are out eating them and it seems quite busy in the animal world.  I am not feeling very scientific about this at the moment, but if you are interested, here is another link that applies specifically to Melbourne.

Personally, I never feel as if it is the coldest, wettest time yet, that always seems to be late June to early August.  But the Six Seasons Calendar doesn't just go by temperature, it takes plant, insects and animal behaviour into account.

Now I'll throw in a photo I took yesterday at a friend's house, of some gum blossoms that have fallen off her tree - not that this tree is indigenous to Melbourne, just to confuse matters.  After all, as I have been saying lately, it is indigenous to Australia (actually, I have been commenting that some things are now indigenous to Earth rather than a region, they are so commonly found).


The Cardells said...

I've never seen the six season calendar before today!

Mary said...

Hi there,
I had heard of it a few years ago and it makes sense to me, the European seasons don't seem to quite fit here. I find it quite interesting.