Saturday, June 2, 2012

Opening of Buda Textile Award exhibition

A friend and I drove to Castlemaine today to attend the opening of the Buda Contemporary Textile Award.  It was a very pleasant drive there and back, sunny and warm in the car, despite it being the official beginning of winter.

We arrived just in time for the speeches and award presentations.  Congratulations to the winners.  I didn't note their names down and they are not on the website yet, so will have to let you know who they were later.  There was a very pleasant buzz from the crowd, all excited to be there to see the works and enjoy the enthusiasm.

The works were presented beautifully and the room had lovely lighting.
I can't believe it, I forgot to take a picture of my own work.  Oh well, that was because I met a lady who did the distance education course that I did last year through SWTAFE, the machine embroidery course.  We got chatting and comparing notes about the course and what we are doing now and I simply forgot.  But I did get a photo of her work.
I have included a photo from inside the house to show what I assume was the inspiration for the base of her lamp - it seemed like a good connection to me, anyway.

You can see the winning entry for the Inspired by Buda section in the background.

I also met a lady from the AusNZ tapestry online group. She had done a tapestry, of course!  It is good to meet people you know vaguely through the internet, in person.

It was actually a much brighter day than the last time I visited Buda and I got a couple of pictures of pieces I hadn't had a chance to photograph last time.  I especially liked this lamp.

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