Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Births, Deaths and Marriages

I attended the opening of an exhibition at Tinning St Gallery tonight, titled Births, Deaths and Marriages.  All the works were done on paper, or using paper.
Brianna Read, a fellow student from the Studio Textiles and Design course,  knitted garments made from crepe paper that she had spun into yarn. They were both mourning dresses.

Dress for dancing on a grave.  Brianna Read

Colleen Burke had made two other wedding dresses, also made of paper.  One was a giant knit dress and the other had hand embroidered images in hoops, attached to the dress.  

Wedding dress knitted and woven.  Colleen Burke.

Wedding dress with individual embroideries. Colleen Burke

Dress ups.  Hand embroidery on paper.  Colleen Burke.

The hand embroidery was amazing, especially considering the unforgiving medium of paper.

Other works were etchings and drawings by Colleen Burke and Glory Books by Brianna Read.
Glory books.  Brianna Read
Brianna also has some interesting interviews she has done at the Creative Women's Circle blog.


Michelle said...

Oh wow, such beautiful work - what a cool exhibition! :)

Mary said...

Yes Michelle, it was great. You would probably have liked a lot of the etchings, they were based on skeletons but not in too macabre a way. But she told a story before doing a puppetry show, with small skeletons, presumably made of paper, and the story disturbed me so much that I couldn't put in the bone images.
I tried to link to Colleen's website but it is out of action at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing work!

Mary said...

Hi Cardells, Yes, it was great. It must have taken great patience, amongst other things, to do this interesting work with ordinary paper. Bri told us that the crepe paper kept breaking but she just tied knots and kept persisting.