Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coming up with the design for the quilt

As I said in my last post, I had thrown in some pictures of eucalyptus blossom that I have taken over the last year or so.  They were in a visual diary that I took along at the last moment.

These aren't the exact photos I used, I had printouts of some of the pictures I deleted last year (still anguishing over that - occasionally).  I am finding the occasional lost picture in various places but still am missing a lot.

We had to observe the flowers in their various stages - buds, flowers, seed pods.  We also had to look closely to see how the petals and leaves were arranged - did they grow in threes, fives, etc?  Do the leaves grow opposite each other or are they placed alternately on the branches?  What shapes are the leaves, do they have any distinguishing characteristics? What colours are the branches, the leaves, the stamens and pistils, etc?  What are the proportions of the various plant parts in relation to each other?  Then we had a go at drawing what we could see. I quite enjoyed this part of the process, it is rather relaxing as you are concentrating on that so much that nothing else much impinges on your consciousness.

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