Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yet another felting workshop.

I don't know what it is about me and felting workshops but I am attending yet another.
This one was by Sachiko Kotaka, at Beautiful Silks.
Sachiko showed us samples of her work which includes a variety of techniques, almost too many to think about.
One special thing about Sachiko's work is her use of cut-outs as the motifs.  These were very similar to the snowflakes we used to make at school as Christmas decorations - and fine motor skills.  First we practised using paper then we did some using prefelts or fabric, depending on the technique we were using first.
I decided to start with fabric as my base and use prefelt for my motifs.

My usual colours.

Some of the other ladies decided to try different things we had been shown.
Previous work cut up, woven and other sections added.
Prefelt as the main part, holes cut and fabric laid in the space, fabric cut to be the motif.

So far none of the work has actually been felted, we have looked at samples and been busy laying out our designs.  We go back tomorrow and I will attempt to not only felt this piece but learn more techniques.  Who knows, one day I may use all this knowledge.


therigatha said...

looks facinating, really want to see outcomes. Is it a nuno effect?

Mary said...

I have done a nuno felting sort of work but we could have done all wool, which would have given a different result, obviously. It was up to us whether we did nuno or all wool, or a wool base with some fabric felted in. I need to do a little more work on this one and then I will post it.