Sunday, November 13, 2011

Never throw anything out!

I am showing my age here but ... I have some graph paper from when I was at school and it is in the imperial measurement ... inches.  I knew I had kept it somewhere and this evening I found it.  I wanted it because I am trying to design a 12 inch square art quilt (for an online group thing).  Quilting tends to still be done in inches and so I have kept some of my old stuff - rulers and graph paper mostly.

I don't have an imperial measurement ruler, just one that has metric and imperial.

I was being lazy and not bothering to translate the measurements and now I have my reward for never throwing anything out. Reinforcement for a good/bad habit (it depends on your viewpoint, I suppose).

When did we transfer to metric measurement, I hear you ask.  I have looked it up and it was ... well, not when I thought, according to the articles I found, Wikipedia and wiki answers.
I seem to remember 1966 being an important date. It turns out it took many years to be fully implemented.  I have to admit that I was at school when the changes started which may have made it easier.  It was much easier to understand why we had to learn our 12 times tables when we had the imperial measures.
Actually, I remember driving in miles and having the speedo in mph, so I had left school before that metric measurement came in.  I don't remember that long drawn-out process, now I am just used to metric but have some flashbacks, especially when quilting.

Who remembers how long a cricket pitch is?  I am guessing here - and not looking it up.  I seem to remember that it is a chain long.  How useful is that knowledge??
Ok, I couldn't resist looking it up and I remembered correctly.  Not that I have ever had the need to measure a cricket pitch.

I wonder if we will ever have metric time measurement.  That would be amazing.


therigatha said...

Yes I remember the changes of 1966 and singing in line with click go the shears! Funny but I still revert to inches and acres, but cant do the kg to lbs thing. thanks for the memory:

Mary said...

therigatha, I still can't do liquid measurements all that well, especially when you have to convert from one system to the other.

Mary said...

Me again, therigatha, I remember the bare bellied ewe - it took me YEARS to work out what that was.