Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crostic Puzzle - Tenuous Link to Tapestry

I have been given a crostic puzzle that has some relationship to a novel that has a tapestry link.  I can't say more than that as it will give away some of the answer.
You will have to print the two images to do the puzzle - I don't know how to upload a PDF to a blog so I have converted them into JPG format.
A crostic works like this:
You have a clue and then spaces to write the answer.  It will have the correct number of spaces for the word and will indicate how many words are in the answer.

Each letter has a number under its space and you then transfer that letter to the appropriate space in the diagram that looks like a crossword (but it isnt'!). Each square in the puzzle has a number AND a letter, the letter indicates which clue the number is in, so you can guess words in the quote and then transfer the letter into the clue, to help you guess that answer.

Is this as clear as mud?  I hope not.  I hope you have a go and see if you can do it.
The tenuous link to tapestry is that the words in the puzzle make up a quote from a book and the title of the book is in the first letters of the answers for the clues, vertically.  But the surname of the author is the first word down, just to confuse things.  So, you write your answers to the clues and the first letter of each line will spell out an author's surname and then the title of the book.
A big clue is that the book has a tapestry link and I may have blogged about it in the past.

I am not sure how best to print it, you may just right click on it and tell it to print or you may have to save it to the desktop, I'm not actually sure. Anyway, good luck if you have a go.

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