Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing onto plastic

For some of our assignments in the Textiles and Design course, we have had to design work for an outdoor installation at the Coburg Carnevale Festival and another piece for a research project about bags.
In both I have discovered the fun of free machine sewing on plastic.  I have based my outdoor piece on tiles in Turkey, again, just as I used this idea for the Graphica exhibition.  The theme for our group includes pomegranates and there is an element of light and shadow, so I decided that transparent plastic would fit into the light and shadows part of the theme and my design is a stylised pomegranate.

The technique I have used harks back to the quilting I used to do.  I cut out shapes as if for applique, placed them in their design onto a layer of PVC and then laid another sheet of PVC on top.  Then I free-motion sewed the pieces in place.  There are four larger pieces made up of the original design repeated four times in each.  All I have to do is work out how to attach it to the place I am going to display it.


therigatha said...

Love the design and the outcome is great. Looking forward to seeing these pop up in a range of out door table ware for summer.

Mary said...

Thanks therigatha, there have been suggestions for tablecloths and shower curtains. Must be the plastic. It might be good for small picnic cloths too, it is not at all heavy.