Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Class Excursion

Today we went to an exhibition as part of our Experimental Textiles subject.  It was at the Incinerator Arts Complex in Moonee Ponds.
The exhibition was called ARTECYCLE and artists were asked to explore the themes of environmentalism, recycling and sustainability.  There were many interesting works, of different construction and making techniques. While I like to do my best for the planet, sometimes I get overwhelmed by the seemingly incessant, and often depressing, messages about mankind's misuse of the resources, the impending demise of the planet.
So it was great to see some works that didn't have the doom and gloom feel that can come with this message, that there were whimsical pieces as well as more upbeat ones.
The works were very diverse and I found it hard to vote in the people's choice part of the exhibition.  There were several pieces that appealed to me.
Here are several of the works.  

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