Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Kerr Grabowski workshop

I seem to be in a bit of a slump creatively, I haven't done much at all since I got home from the Ballarat Fibre Forum.  I have restarted classes for this term, the second half of the semester but I don't have a lot
of enthusiasm at present.
I have spoken to a few people about the workshop and realised how much I enjoyed it.  This time I am going to talk about the use of a syringe to draw directly on the screen.  We did this with black dye in the alginate and then let it dry.  Then we either just used clear alginate, or coloured if we wanted to, to wet the dye and have the image appear on the screen.  As usual, the first images were a little lighter as the dye on the screen had to take time to wet through.  But it was a fun way to do it and, as the dye got wetter, the image changed.

These are Kerr's demo pieces, as you can see, you can draw back into the image with a foam brush or add colour with coloured alginate.

This is one of my samples, it shows how the dye acts as a resist at first, then the coloured dye comes out as it gets wetter.
Here I have added some coloured alginate to the image.  It is still wet, hence the grey background.

I hope this description wasn't too confused, that you can get some idea of the process.  If you want the actual instructions, Kerr has a very entertaining DVD of her processes available on her website.

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