Friday, April 2, 2010

V&A Quilt exhibition

A friend has sent me the link to the Quilt exhibition at the V&A museum in London (thanks Anne).  It is showing English quilts ranging from 1700 - 2010.  There are also some amazing packs of replica fabrics for sale. I'd love to go over to see the exhibition but it is a bit too far and a bit too expensive.

In our design classes we have been discussing varying size of prints, stripes, repeat print layouts and colourways.  It is fascinating to see these elements represented in the packs of fabrics.  I can see many hours spent studying these packs.

Maybe I'll have to take up patchwork and quilting again.  I think it is the patchwork that I love, the quilting is a highlight but the working out of the patchwork is the thing I love the most.
Here is one that I designed and made for a friend, using a tricky background fabric that had quite a lot of circles on it. Getting the design to flow took hours of moving blocks around but I am quite happy with it. From memory, it has 23 different reds in it.


parlance said...

Are you going to buy some of the replica fabrics?

Mary said...

Parlance, at the moment I don't plan to buy any as I have quite a good stash of fabrics that I don't use. I'll have to take up patchwork again to use some of it.