Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tapestry continues to grow slowly

I have been working on my historical piece, copying a mediaeval tapestry and trying to work out the techniques used.  As I said in my last post, the technique of cut-back is useful but I am having some trouble interpreting it as I must be using thicker wools than used in the original and so the height of the work is slightly different, giving me longer spaces than I had anticipated.  But I have decided to persevere with them as they do provide a texture and differentiation between areas.

I think I have done about one third of the time with unpicking as with weaving but have been told that this is usual.  Hopefully I can improve.

It is tricky working on someone else's design, it is obvious when you deviate from it.  If I were working on my own design I could just say that it was supposed to be that way.  Our next assignment will be more of my own design, so, hopefully, it will be a bit easier in terms of interpretation.

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