Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Using colour in the felting

As I said in the previous post, colour can bog us down when trying to design.  After our white on white exercise, we did a piece based on an image we had brought. (This is a root of a pine tree at Darebin Parklands.)

First we used a 'window' to choose an interesting part of the image.

Then we used a prefelt that we had made on the first day. We pinned the fabrics we had chosen, then sewed them on.

Then we felted it to another prefelt and this is when the interesting textures appear.

Then we completed the design with decorative stitching.  I have not completed mine yet.

I found that if I stitched just prior to going to bed I slept much better.  Must see if I can carry that over into my normal routine and whether it will make me sleep better.

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