Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wordle - a site for playing around with words to make images.
I have played around with this for ages!! It kept disappearing on me as I tried to work out where to save it, whether I could print it and get it into my blog. It generally annoyed me. Hopefully this will embed in my blog.

Tried it and it just brought up the code, so it appears that you have to go the site, not my favourite way of doing it.
Tried that too and it didn't work, think I'm over all this!!
One last try,
Go here.

That seems to work, now here's a jpg of the thing.

image from


Marion said...

This might just be the thing I need to work on my Identity piece. Thanks mary, but may need a few lessons.

Mary said...

It is easy, all you do is go to the site and follow the instructions.