Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting the Bug

I rarely use this blog but have found it useful to try out some applications that I was teaching this week.
I noticed that I had put in a reference to my Aus/NZ art quilt group so thought I would put a link. There has been a very interesting discussion going on about the safety (or otherwise) of using bleach discharge techniques for fabric surface design. You will have to join if you want to see the group but I am putting in a link here.
I found this group as the Quilt Convention in Melbourne at the beginning of the year. (Here is a link to the website, unfortunately it does not have anything from this year but is beginning to advertise the 2010 event.)
They had a very interesting display of A4 art quilts, demonstrating different techniques. They also advertised the group as a place to go to learn about different techniques and to ask for assistance. I joined full of enthusiasm and did a few of the monthly themes but have run out of steam lately. I still visit the group regularly and go to the links, admire the work, etc.

This is one I did about the bushfires, it is supposed to represent regrowth after the fires as well as a change in my life, the squares represent me trying to break away from traditional piecing, they are blowing away with the hot wind.

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