Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time gone!

Well, I had another look at Library Thing and went to some of the discussions. I just looked, felt too overwhelmed to join in any. There were some interesting ones there. I especially liked the one that asked you to put in your 5 most re-read books (I think they were in the science fiction category, which is where many of my re-read books are). I kept getting reminded of books I have read several times in the past but have not looked at recently. I occasionally don't want to start a new book and will go back to an old favourite. This may be because I have just read something I really enjoyed and don't feel like moving into something new straight away or it might be because I am feeling tired and haven't got the energy to do justice to a book that I know (hope) I will love. So, my 5 favourite re-reads? As with many people in the group, I don't think I can list the books, it is more a matter of the author and the series (or parts of) that I love to re-read. In the science fiction/fantasy realm there are The Dark Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop, many C J Cherryh books, Cheryl J Franklin, Lois McMaster Bujold (the Miles Vorkosigan universe) and Catherine Asaro (the Skolian universe).

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