Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meeting a favourite author

Yesterday I went to Rendezvous the Romance book store where there were several authors visiting. I met one of my favourite authors, Jo Beverley. I started reading her books many years ago, when you couldn't buy them in Australia, you could only find them in the library. It was very exciting to meet her. Other authors I met were Keri Arthur, Anne Gracie and Barbara Samuel. I have read books by all of them but it was Jo Beverley who was the most exciting for me to meet - I have been reading her books for so long. Must go to Library Thing and see if there are others out there who love her books, and which ones of the many they prefer. Jo Beverley is one of the authors whose books I have and I have put one in my Library Thing catalogue. I have a lot of her books but didn't want to put them all into the catalogue, I have just put samples of favourite authors.

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