Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Image Generators

Alright,here I am again, trying to learn new things. I have had a brief look at the image generator page and so far have linked to web page templates. But I have not downloaded anything yet because I don't really want to have a web page, it's a bit like the blog - what will I put in it? I also don't know what to do with the template even if I decide to give it a try.
So on to the next link to see what else I can try.

I have just had a very quick look at the Flickr site, somehow I went to the motivational poster site and made this. Oops! It won't load, I'm getting a message to say there is an internal problem. I'll try again later.
Success!! It was a problem at the Blogger end.

Here is the substitute image I have put in due to concerns about copyright (see next post).

Time to try another link - see if I have any success with something different.

Next: off to the link for Toys, Games & Utilities at Flickr, then off to the map maker page which I then navigated away from to go to customise and ended up at another site with free stuff. Once again, I did not really want any of it as I don't have a social page on the web and am not sure what I would use it for.

Trying something else. Now I have been to a page that lets you put captions on your pictures. Let's see if that uploads. Yes!!


parlance said...

A dog can never be too clean, if she has the habit of sneaking onto people's beds.

Deltora said...

Hi Mary,
I love the photo of the dog with the thought bubble. Very cute....

Nerdful Things said...

www.ImageGenerator.org has thousands of online image makers to play with.