Saturday, January 12, 2019

What was I thinking?

I had intended making a small quilt for a new baby, due in 5 weeks.
The baby arrived early!! All is well with mum and bub. Phew. But now I have to get cracking.

I got out my yellow and green fabrics, cut them into squares, ready to make a simple small quilt.

The top is now made.
Taking the photo in the gloaming has highlighted the lighter fabrics that aren't so obvious in full daylight. Interesting.

It is just a random size, there isn't a lot of coherent information online about what size to make. Even cot quilts have large variations in their sizes. So it is just a little quilt that can be thrown on the floor and the baby can lie on it, if it doesn't fit the cot. At the moment, it is approximately 120cm by 80cm. The quilting will reduce that somewhat, so I don't know its finished size at the moment.

There is a LOT of fabric left over. Not sure what I was thinking, what size I thought I might make it. But I will have to come up with something, there is too much to just regard it as an error.
I must have thought I was making a double bed quilt, or that and a single!

I haven't done any quilting for ages, so maybe I will have to see what I can come up with, in yellow and green. Suppose I could put in some other colours for emphasis.

First, I have to actually make the quilt. The top is made but that is all. There is still a bit to do, so I won't worry about all those extra squares at this stage.

There is plenty of hot weather forecast, so I can hid indoors and see what I achieve.

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