Saturday, January 19, 2019

January 2109

Interesting date again: 19/1/19. It only comes once a year, so I feel the need to post. Fortunately, I have been working on something, so I have something to show.

I am working on a companion piece for the acorn work. This time, it is the grown tree. I took several photos at Warringal and have played with the filters in Photoshop to make the image a bit less real and give me some sort of abstract thing to work from. It is not very abstract but is enough to give me light and dark areas.

The trunk wasn't very noticeable. One of the elements of the current challenge, for the 3rd piece in a challenge of 4 pieces, was to have some 3D (or 2 1/2 D, whatever that is) in it. So I have made some little twisted pieces of fabric and then applied them to give some texture. Here's hoping that it will be enough. Not that we are very strict with our challenges and elements, it is just to make us think.

Time to stop now, let it sit overnight and have another look at it tomorrow. Still lots to do on the leaves.

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