Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Still playing with the string and transfer dye

We have another theme for this month's embroidery group - Blowing in the Wind.
I didn't have any great inspiration but did think the string and ink images were flowing, so decided to play some more.

I have also had some metallic thread for years. I haven't been confident to use it, so thought I would give it a go. As I was thinking of a wind instrument, that you blow into, and as they are brass, I decided to use my metallic thread.

I probably should have used a stronger colour for the instrument but am not too concerned about this little experiment.

I drew the image onto soluble fabric and sewed it. Then I dissolved the fabric and let it dry.
Once is was dry, I sewed it onto the fabric that I had used for the transfer dye.

I think I have put the instrument in the wrong orientation, in regards to the image, but I have successfully used the thread and have come up with my little A5 piece.

Not a great design but some learning done.
I might go over the instrument with a darker colour, just so you can see it!

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