Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not Up to Much

No wonder I haven't been feeling all that creative today!

 This was taken at Clifton Hill, only 6 or 7 kilometres from the city.
Smoke Haze. And autumn weather. You could barely see the city. It has been like this for several days.

However, I have been trying to be a little bit productive.
I attended our Play Day at the EGV last Tuesday and we made little felt vessels. This one is mostly hand sewn, I just sewed on an extra layer of felt to give it some structure, using the sewing machine. I have no idea what I will do with it but it was relaxing to make.

I am also plugging away on my tapestry, not getting much done but trying. I have reached the part where the actual acorn is in the image, so I will have to not be so random in what I am choosing to do. So far I have been doing the ground around where the acorn fell and it is very non-pictorial. But I will have to be a bit more careful with the actual image.

It is almost time for me to have made my next A3 Inspired by Van Gogh piece too. I have not even finalised an image to use, let alone think about how I might do it. This weather is very enervating!

I do have some ideas, based on his picture of a seat in the asylum grounds. I have been taking photos of seats while out walking with Penny, our dog. They are not all that interesting but I hope to come up with something - soon.

Lots of lovely long shadows on these autumn afternoons. 

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