Friday, March 30, 2018

Not Having a Clue

I have been a bit in the doldrums lately and am between projects - well, I am really supposed to working on one but it is just not doing it for me.

I have been having vague ideas about playing around with making some interesting fabric backgrounds that might then be used to stitch, collage and/or layer.
(Notice the vagueness of the outcome?? - hence the title, Not Having a Clue (What I Am Trying to Achieve.)

I went to a friend's house the other day and played with some different ideas.
 Some bits and pieces for rubbing. I used some water-soluble oil pastels. The name water-soluble makes me doubt that they will be colourfast but I tried it anyway.

An old Softcut stamp I made. The rubbing was done with the same oil pastels. 

 These two were done using a white crayon, rubbed over bits and pieces. Then ink was applied. One was left dry, the other (bottom) one was sprayed with water to see the different effects.

 Shiva stick oil paint rubbed over the stamp, on dampened fabric.

 Acrylic paint (very cheap) painted on, applied over some stencils and left to dry.

 Ordinary drawing pastels drawn onto the fabric. One piece had textile medium painted on before the pastel was applied, the bottom one after.

I have no idea what will be colourfast and what won't. The pieces are currently lying around being given time to embed into the fabric. I will iron them to see if that heat sets them. The I will wash them and see what worked and what didn't. Eventually.

All a bit hit and miss really.

But doing something, even if it isn't the tapestry I am supposedly working on.

The day wasn't a complete loss, I did actually play - and I had a lovely social day with my friends, one of whom provided a delicious lunch!


theregatha said...

At the expense of sounding trite- I keep being told "it's not the destination but the journey that counts!" So congratulations at least you are on the journey....

Mary said...

No trite, encouraging.
I have since been to a workshop with Cas Holmes where we played with marking fabric and I hope to do some more experimenting with it on the weekend. I'll try to post about it soon.