Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sample tapestry

I've been told that I have to post today because it is 18/2/18.
It has been a while since my last post, I am being sucked in by Facebook. I belong to three closed groups that take up a lot of my computer time. (That, and playing games.)

One group has a challenge for February, to post every day (eek) and to have a sketch or experiment in textiles. That is a big ask. But it has made me do some rough sketches and is also making me work on several ideas that are coming up.

I have done a small tapestry for an upcoming exhibition - and I have lost it!! Hugely annoying!!!
It took hours to sew in the warps, put fabric on the back and finish it off - hours.

I am also trying to develop an idea for another tapestry theme and spent the weekend working on a sampler. It may now become my piece to replace the other (much more interesting) piece. The theme for the lost one is Growth. The theme for the upcoming one is Transformation.

My idea for transformation is to do with acorns splitting open and having shoots and roots emerging.
I did a small doodle related to the theme - one of my nightly little doodles.
Now I have made a sampler with that doodle as my main image. I was more interested in the background than getting a great image, which was lucky as it looks rather like a strange rabbit.

But I think I can use the ideas in the background in my larger one, so that is a plus. I used different techniques and yarns to give me texture. I had a whole lot of thrums left over, so only used them. It made it quite a random background in terms of colour and how large the areas were. I just changed to some more wool when the pieces ran out.


Mary said...

The lost tapestry is found!!

Janet Spink said...

I am so impressed by your work and perseverance. It is all very beautiful.