Friday, February 9, 2018

Exhibition opening

Unfinished Business ... Finished opened on Wednesday evening. It was a hot night and there were lots of people there!
I think that the crowd was large because it was two groups of people exhibiting together. There were the textile people (Textile Art Community) and the woodworking group (Victorian Woodworkers Association).
Then there were the donors whose work was repurposed.
Then there were family and friends.
And supporters of the arts in Banyule.

I will have to go back to see all the works properly - it is always hard to see the works on an opening night but this was exceptionally busy. The vibe was very good, lots of creators happy to see their work on display, donors happy to see their contributions used, happy people.

It was quite amazing to see how some of the original pieces were used. Some were still quite recognisable (mine) and some had totally re-visioned the pieces.
I deliberately decided to make my two vessels recognisable because the donors had had to stop making because of failing eyesight. So I wanted them to be able to recognise their pieces if they attend.

It was great fun to be there, to meet up with friends, to meet people from the very distant past (it being in my neighbourhood and a city function) and to meet new people. It was a community event that highlighted 'community' for me.

It was also very exciting to see some of my donated pieces being used. I am extremely pleased to see them so creatively used.
The abdomen is my blackwork.

Some naturally dyed fabrics and minimum, random stitching.

Tapestry samplers.

Rejected Mr Johnston tapestry. 

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