Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The loom is warped.

Well, warped might sound strange, it is not actually bent. But the warp is on the loom.
Now the loom is looming in my mind!

Such fun with phrases that actually have textile connotations. Weaving a tapestry - can just mean making up a story.
Embellishing - adding to a story - or a piece of textile work - or lying (embellishing the truth).
There are many more expressions; I remember that there was a theme for work going around, based on textile expressions. It was fun to read them.

Anyway ...
I have put the warp on the loom. I even drew a cartoon for it today - but forgot to bring it home. Not to worry, this piece is going to develop without a proper cartoon anyway. It is going to grow organically. I hope.

The theme is Growth. I think my piece is just going to grow. But, there is no plan, no cartoon that I am intending to use closely.

I will be out all day tomorrow (going to the Edith Head exhibition at Bendigo), so the weekend is the time to actually start weaving. There may be a cartoon, there may not be. It is all in my head at the moment.

I am going to use yarns that I already have, not all ATW yarns, as it is going to grow, partly because I am going to use yarns of all different thicknesses. Well, that is the plan.

Or I may go with my original idea - No Bees, No Growth. But that will take some planning and designing, something I am not feeling like doing at the moment. I think I will just go with the flow. I have come to realise that I love texture, and that is what I am hoping to use in this piece.


theregatha said...

Very de ja vu, as I think every year at this time you begin a piece and I become inspired to start something too. Usually in the call for next years exhibition. Anyhow, apart from a keen interest in your theme, yes I want to grow a hive and produce honey: though I can't actually produce the honey myself! your musings have led me to think I will attempt a tapestry of the recent icon I painted, I am thinking The Virgin Mary is sort of symbolic of transformation..... yes I am in the planning stages of warp sizes at this very minute!
Look forward to watching your progress, and perhaps occasional positive reports on mine.

Mary said...

Good to hear from you again!
I hope you do get started.
I heard on the radio the other day that Moreland City Council is putting beehives on top of council buildings, and they have beehives ready-made (if I remember correctly).
Yes, I do usually start at this time of year. I am later than usual this year but have till the end of February for this one.
The Transition one is due in July (check that date!) but we are supposed to have plans and some weaving ready by February.
Hope you get started soon and we can see your work.