Monday, October 23, 2017

Making some progress

I have worked some more on my blossom piece. It is coming along.

Originally, I only sewed the flowers and the background was wrinkling.

I have now sewn the background more heavily and the wrinkling is more under control - which  may just mean that it is now all over, rather than in specific places.

 I have used some tiny pieces of white and grey tulle to dull down some of the areas and hope that they will look ok. You can see them up close but the image is meant to be viewed from a distance rather than up close when it is finished.

I have used straight stitches for the white petal parts and zigzag for the background.

Here is an image of the back, just so you can see the actual sewing, without the fabric pieces.

The piece is supposed to be inspired by Van Gogh, using his almond blossom painting as my inspiration. I realised, as I looked more closely at the background of my photos, that my image is the plum tree, not the almond tree that was planted about a year ago. Not to worry, it is still inspired by his almond blossom painting.

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