Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kate Derum Award, 2017

I was fortunate to be able to attend the announcement of the Kate Derum Tapestry Weaving Award, and the Irene Davis Emerging Artist Award tonight, at the Australian Tapestry Workshop.
The exhibition was of a very high quality. It seems to get better every time!
Irene Davis Emerging Artist pieces.

It was great to catch up with some of my weaving friends who had pieces accepted (as well as my weaving friends who either didn't get accepted or didn't enter). We had a lovely night.
The atmosphere was of joy and excitement.

The range of tapestries was wonderful, as were the interpretations of the guidelines. Congratulations to anyone who did get their work in the exhibition, there were more applications than were shown.

It was also great to see some tapestries of people I have only come across online. It is soo much better to see the works 'in the flesh' than as images online.

The opening speeches were interesting. One thing I found quite fascinating was the idea that works from the USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand have different features that identify where they were woven or where the weaver was taught. This was apparent to the judges, not to me!!

I didn't get great photos, it was too crowded! But I am sure the website and/or Facebook site will have wonderful images up soon.

The winning tapestry. 

We also got to see the tapestries on the loom in the main workroom, as well as many of the absolutely gorgeous samples.

The exhibition is on till September 29th and is well worth the visit. 

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