Friday, August 11, 2017

New from Old

The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria, is having a members' exhibition in October.
I thought I would try to come up with something for it. We are allowed to put in three pieces, plus another for the challenge.
The challenge theme is Take a Shell ...  I am not to sure about this one, might have a go, closer to the time. But, so far, it is not speaking to me. I did try something a while ago but am not that thrilled with it.

However, Ebb and Flow is the theme for the main exhibition.
I have looked at Pinterest (what a wonderful site!!) and seen all sorts of images that have inspired me. But I have come back to a piece that I started for the Living Colour theme, in 2014/15. I didn't finish it but didn't throw it out either.

I have resurrected it, in light of some of the ideas I have found online, and have spent quite a few hours refining the idea.
It started off as a simple patchwork piece, using the colour illusion idea that I tried before.

Now I have sewn it a lot! The idea is that the colour awareness ebbs and flows as we look at it. Or something like that.
I have added some random pieces of fabric, on top of the patchwork. Then I have heavily sewn it free motion.

I have finished the sewing, now I have to carefully measure and cut it, so I can put on some binding. That is for another day. Not far in the future though, I want to have it done and dusted.

I still have to decide which way up looks better. It is currently hanging on a bookshelf so I can see it as I pass by, then I will put it the other way up and see which appeals to me more.

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