Sunday, October 30, 2016

Post Card Swap

One of the things my online group has decided to do is make postcards to send to each member who chose to participate. There were 15 of us (if I have counted correctly). So I had to make 14.

I did a few using the first technique we learnt at Michelle Mischkulnig's workshop, a couple of weekends ago.

I can't remember why but I decided to try a technique that I have used before - free motion sewing using some sari silk and other threads and yarns to anchor the sewing.

I only made three as I had forgotten that it is so much easier if you use the sticky soluble fabric. I did the three that fitted on the fabric I had prepared.

 I was going to make more, using the sticky soluble, but ended up only making the three.

I laid the long piece out on a cardboard box top, hoping to pin it tightly so it would not shrink too much. Not a great idea, as it turned out. It stuck to the cardboard and I had to wet it again to get the cardboard off.

So then I pinned it to an old piece of polystyrene that we had lying around. That worked much better.

Then I cut the pieces to size. I had made them all a bit bigger than I needed, allowing for some shrinkage. I then sewed put a piece of dyed silk that I had, from ages ago, as a background. I ironed it onto some adhesive interfacing.

Then I sewed around the edge to make it all secure. I will post images of these once they have been received by the participants.

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