Saturday, October 8, 2016

Busy, busy again.

Well, I missed the interesting date of 6/10/16 but that was because I have been busy!

This week I have helped to set up an exhibition and gone to three openings.

The first opening was at The Johnson Collection, on Tuesday evening. I have a small piece of work in it.
A group of eight tapestry weavers, from our regular Saturday group, got together and worked towards the brief. It was either to focus on Christmas or Mr Johnson.
We decided on Mr Johnson and his collection of Indian paintings and some images of the man himself.
You can see the edges of some of the Indian images on the right. Then there are two tapestries, the elephant and Mr Johnson behind a privacy screen.
There are many artists involved in the exhibition and each room is completely different from the other.

There was quite a large crowd and I will be going back on another day to see it all in a less crowded and more leisurely way.  But it was very exciting to be there, despite the crowd, or is that because of the crowd?

Then on Wednesday I went along to the opening of an exhibition, Triple Stitch at Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art and Garden. As it is part of a nursery, there was a botanical feel but it was not all botanical. As I knew all three participants, I had a lovely time catching up as well as admiring all the lovely works.

Friday evening was the opening of A Secret Garden at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria. I have been involved in setting this one up.  I was extremely pleased to be part of such a wonderful event. The quality of the work was amazing and inspiring.

Just before the official opening of the doors.

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