Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Several people have said to me that I must post today, given the date. And I missed 12/8/16 just a few days ago, so I had better get myself organised.

So … what to write about?

I have been working on the flyer for the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria, for the upcoming members' exhibition. It is called A Secret Garden.

I haven't really used Photoshop much lately, so it was a bit of a challenge to get it done to all the subcommittee's satisfaction. (There was quite a lot of input from various sources.) I also had to do it to the requirements of the printers, which took a bit of playing around but eventually worked.

However, it has been successfully printed and we have also come up with an e-flyer for sending out to friends and other people with whom I have tenuous links through the internet.
Therefore, I will put an image up here. Feel free to pass it on.

If you are in Victoria, or you may visit in the appropriate times, you could visit. It isn't for a while yet which is fortunate as I am still developing ideas in my head.
I haven't worked out what technique I want to use, let alone work on the actual image.

We had a play day at the guild today and used Tyvek. Now I am thinking that I might be able to incorporate that into my work. Lots of playing will be necessary - not a bad thing. There should be time to get it done, handing in day isn't till September 24th.

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mycamerandme365 said...

The flyer looks great Mary, well done!